Sunday, July 20, 2014

Paradox Valley, Colorado

Outdoor Photographer Magazine produced a feature on Black and White landscapes this month. Black and white landscapes are most widely known by Ansel Adams.

I'm not a fan of Ansel Adams... probably the only person that isn't. Actually, I'm not a fan of the Zone System that he used to produce his images. But I do admire his eye for composition and the translation of said composition to film.

Black and white images have never floated my boat. They seem chilly. Even now, it's rare that I can produce one without warming the tones, which I've done here.

Nonetheless, being able to produce Black and White images is a task no photographer should ignore. It's not a matter of removing color or sliding the desaturation button on a digital image. Whether it's a story of majesty or simplicity, the story must still come to life. It must be saturated with the poignancy that is often missing from color images.

This shot is from a driving trip to Utah and with a return by way of Paradox Valley, Colorado. It is a beautiful route on highway 90 in Montrose County. We often end up in Telluride before heading back.
Photography in and around Telluride is outstanding. At least in the summer. (Snow is but a slight  acquaintance of mine. Been there. Done that. I spent a few years in Wisconsin and that taught me all I wanted to know about Snow and skiing… and living in a cold place. Not for me.)