Monday, October 28, 2013

Waxing Moon

In South Carolina, the state flag is a Palm Tree on an Indigo background with what appears to be a waxing moon in the corner. I thought it was the coolest flag. Alas, while researching the indigo article, I found that it wasn't a moon but was, instead, a gorget. (A plate of armor that was worn around the neck)

The waxing crescent moon, however, will always been my preferred fiction. It simply fits this amazing place. I took this in early October 2013 for my Halloween greeting card. I was standing on a bridge getting eaten alive by tiny winged vampires but what a beautiful night.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mason Murer

The art work was hung in the gallery with care with hopes that Atlanta soon would be there.

These are a few of the images that were juried into this show. Mine are the Railroad Tracks because you know I have a love of the rails and the Foggy Dock next to the rails because fog is beautiful and hard to get right. Plus, I had a transportation theme.