Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smarter Consultants

Here's some unconventional wisdom. Click to read the entire post. This lends itself to what I was saying in an earlier blog post. The measuring stick used to determine those tabulations that mark as a "good" commercial is stuck in old thinking. This post speaks to the idea of the inner voice and right brain thinking. 

"Smarter Consultants help organizations improve productivity and joy in work by enabling people to make decisions that better serve other people, stakeholders. Smarter Consultants are about helping organizations improve results by empowering behaviors that improve results. Empowering behaviors is an unconventional wisdom because it is more about managing the intangibles than measuring the tangible."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Majestic Landscapes

These landscapes appear to be somewhere out west. There are large boulders, a river bed that has almost dried up in the heat, and a cave carved by the river's snow melt in the spring. On a higher peak, the snow lingers and tumbled rocks rest in its icy grip. 

The place looks like it might be somewhere in the Colorado Plateau or so its prehistoric-appearing strata or layers in the rock would suggest. The area spans over 130,000 miles in 4 states and is knowns as "Red Rock Country." 

One image, however, appears to place the area closer to an ocean with a shoreline and crashing waves.

The imagination soars. Mine did, anyway, when I first saw this place. I couldn't wait to get my camera.

It is, however, a construction site in South Carolina. 
Palmetto Bluff is building a new pier and cove on their inland waterway. 
The moral of the story:
Always keep your eye out for amazing shots, even when you find yourself in uninspiring places. 
Make a cathedral out of whatever you photograph...
"It is the Eye that says Ohhh."

Location: The award-winning Place, known as Palmetto Bluff, which is a Green Vacation Spot, 5-Star Resort, and a Residential Paradise.