Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Personal Work: Random thoughts about shooting sunrises and setsets

You should take photos of the sky. To put magnificence into a tiny box is to share a miracle of accomplishment. To do it well is a gift of talent that has been gently bestowed upon you. It tells you the Sky's Resident Artist sees you watching...

and approves.

Always shoot them. Foggy Mornings and Golden Lights of Night.

When my son was small, I told him that if anything ever happened to me, there would come a day here and there when he really needed his mom. During tough times that happen in all our lives, I told him to make time to watch the sunset and on those days, I would ask the Sky's Resident Artist if I could help paint the sky that night for my little boy.
So far, I've never needed to ask, but my promise stands. No matter how old my little boy gets, I will always paint the sky for him.